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News, 1/18/2019

Finland’s Honorary Consul Helga Mensing retiring from her position

Mrs Helga Mensing has held the position of Honorary Consul of Finland since 1985. Mrs Mensing resides on Curaçao but she has had the jurisdiction over the whole Caribbean part of the Netherlands (Curaçao, Aruba, St Maarten, Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustadius). Mrs Mensing has actively promoted Finland’s interests in the area and helped the Embassy in consular issues when needed. The Embassy has had regular meetings Mrs Mensing during her visits to Europe, which has provided us an opportunity to discuss topical issues and hear her analysis of the situation on the islands.

Helga Mensing 15.1.2019
Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath (left), Mrs Helga Mensing and Mr Kenneth de Haseth, Director of Protocol of the Directorate of Foreign Relations

Mrs Mensing has now decided to retire from her position. The Embassy would have been willing to continue the cooperation with Mrs Mensing but we understand and appreciate Mrs Mensing’s decision. We would like to express our gratitude and thank Mrs Mensing for her work and commitment and wish her all the best in the future!

Mrs Mensing is highly respected person also on Curaçao and her efforts and work as the Dean of the Consular Corps was recognized by the Prime Minister of Curaçao, Mr Eugene Rhuggenaath at the New Year’s reception on 15.1. Below Mrs Mensing’s farewell speech, delivered at the reception.

* **

“Your Excellency Prime Minister of Curaçao, Mr Eugene Rhuggenaath and the distinguised members of his Cabinet,

Honorable Director of Directorate of Foreign Relations and her staff members,

Dear fellow members of the Curaçao Consular Corps,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you Prime Minister Rhuggenaath for recognizing my upcoming retirement as Honorary Consul to Finland on the occasion of this New Year’s reception.

It has truly been an honor and pleasure for me to have represented and served Finland in this capacity.

As many of you know, I have held this position since 1985. I took it on following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather and now my niece Helvig van de Laarschot will take it on in my footsteps.

During my tenure as Honorary Consul, I have strived to promote economic and cultural relations between Finland and Curaçao.

I have participated in, supported and co-organized, through The Uniting for Children Foundation, a joint venture between the Directorate of Foreign Relation and our Consular Corp, numerous projects and events that have promoted images of the countries that we represent and that included also Finland here in Curaçao.

One of the my personal highlights was hosting a seminar on the occasion of the celebration of the 100 year independence of Finland. There to I have approached minister Suzanne Camelia-Rõmer of Public Health, Enviremont and Nature for her support. The Minister's response was immediately positive and she found members of government willing to realize my plan.

The seminar’s objective was to build bridges between Finland and Curaçao in the area of clean renewable energy solutions and applications – using Finnish’s research, innovation and investments to assist our beloved Curaçao on our quest to achieve sustainable economic growth.

I truly hope that this seminar opened new doors for economic, trade and environmental collaboration and that there will be a continuing discussion on these issues between Finland and Curaçao.

During my tenure, I also have had the pleasure and honour to guide our Consular Corps as Dean for more than 21 years.

I want to sincerely thank all my fellow consuls, the Directorate of Foreign Relations and all member of government for their collaboration and support as that allowed me to fulfill my respective duties.

I am retiring now with a bit of sadness but also with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for having had the privilege and opportunity to have held the position of Honorary Consul for so long. It is my pleasure now to invite Prime Minister, Eugene Rhuggenaath, Ms Darrylinn van der Veen, Director of Foreign relations and Mr.Kenneth de Haseth, Chief of Protocol of Foreign relations  to step forward and receive a token of appreciation, a coin which the government of Finland has come up with, on the occasion of  the 100th anniversary of Finland's independence. The coin shows the image of Nature.

I wish all of you the very best for the future and am sure that you will continue to successfully enhance our bilateral relations and friendship with positive enthusiasm and sincerity.

Happy New Year!”

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Updated 1/21/2019

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